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Room for growth for luxury brands in Africa 29 July 2015

When the economy takes a downturn, consumers tighten their belts. Premium goods are usually the first to be omitted from the shopping basket, spelling trouble for luxury brands. This is ringing true globally, according to brandchannel.com as brands such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci struggle with sales as a result of pricing fatigue and brand fade – but is South Africa suffering the same fate?

Wise brand stewards take a bird’s-eye view 27 July 2015

In less than a month, South Africa’s creative community will decamp en-masse to Durban for the annual Loeries, where excellence in advertising and brand building is recognised in what - for some - will be a weekend of excess. 

AdForum: Automotive Advertising 24 July 2015

Automotive television commercials flighted in the past three months were a largely disappointing collection, according to a panel of straight-talking industry specialists at today’s AdForum in association with Ornico and facilitated by Jeremy Maggs. 

Take-outs from the Future of Media 23 July 2015

The well-attended Future of Media conference, which took place in Sandton earlier this week, brought together industry experts to identify the challenges and opportunities in each of the major media categories: newspapers, out of home, television, radio, magazine and digital.

Mobile Apps 23 July 2015

Mobile apps are the new buzz word, the new big technology play in the event and conferencing industry. There’s no doubt they can add enormous value to your attendees, not to mention the savings in printing costs.

The Future of Media conference 22 July 2015

The Future of Media Conference – now in its fourth year – took place in Sandton yesterday, once again stimulating lively debate with opinion from a host of industry experts.

APEX Awards: All the winners 21 July 2015

The APEX Awards, regarded as the top award programme measuring efficacy in the advertising and communications industry, took place at the Sandton Convention Centre last night. The ceremony marked its 20th anniversary in grand style to match the quality of work in all categories – with even a Grand Prix awarded to Lowe + Partners Cape Town for its ‘Get me to 21’ campaign for the Organ Donor Foundation.

Marketing for the people 21 July 2015

Justin Apsey, Vice President Brand Building: Home and Surface Care, Unilever South Africa was the key note speaker at the APEX Awards last night. Redzone caught up with him before the event.

Feisty Small Guy scores victory over the Big Mac 20 July 2015

In 1968, in a meaningless off-the-cuff comment, artist Andy Warhol said in the future, everyone in the world would be famous for 15 minutes. Jan Strydom, a representative of an online complaint/compliment forum, henceforth known as the feisty small guy (FSG), has taken on the mighty McDonald’s - and won. Here, sir is your 15 minutes. 

APEX Awards - showing the way in media utilisation 20 July 2015

The Association for Communications and Advertising (ACA) APEX Awards takes place this evening at the Sandton Convention Centre in Gauteng. With the excitement mounting, and tuxedos and evening gowns ready, Redzone spoke to two APEX Awards judges about this year’s entries.

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