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Adhoc: Winning brands need to be naive 22 September 2014

Unlike some others (ahem!) I’m back behind my desk on a Monday morning fully intact after another Loeries Awards where the best of advertising and brand communication is acknowledged and celebrated. The event has successfully moved on from a white-powder fuelled orgy at a well-known North-West Province resort to a serious and well produced event where increasingly the marketing community (those who employ ad agencies) are attending not only to see best practice but also to meet and network.

Driving brands through sustainability 19 September 2014

Sustainability and global citizenship have become that elusive brass ring for many brands. Internationally fashion retailer H&M has garnered acclaim for its seven-commitment strategy and numerous global initiatives, while locally Woolworths has become synonymous with the drive towards change for the better through its Good Business Journey.

Local industry still relevant 18 September 2014

In response to Tom Goodwin’s comments posted on The Redzone yesterday that agencies are dying just as they become most vital, we asked local industry spokespeople to what extent they believe this to be true in South Africa.

Agencies dying, just as they become most vital 17 September 2014

There is a curious tension in the current agency landscape, a vast mismatch between what clients’ needs are and what agencies are working on, and this gap seems to be widening, comments Tom Goodwin, CEO and founder of the Tomorrow Group.

IMC conference 16 September 2014

Building an integrated marketing ecosystem through partnerships and external and internal delivery is to be the theme of the 2014 Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Conference, which will be hosted in Johannesburg at the Maslow Hotel in Sandton on 6 and 7 October. The conference aims to provide delegates with strategic insights by providing case studies through workshops and keynote presentations covering major current trends.


In this accelerated age of digital and data driven marketing, brands would be well advised not to forget the human touch. Eyeball me and talk to me and I’m far more likely to recall your brand. 

Does that missing letter mean anything for Apple? 12 September 2014

In a long-awaited new product launch, the iconic Apple brand this week revealed two new i-Phones, a new payment platform called Apple Pay, and the long-anticipated Apple Watch.

Bank marketing for the youth 10 September 2014

Research carried out by experiential youth marketing company 3RC in a recent FutureFacts survey has shown that 39% of matriculants in South Africa don’t have a bank account in spite of the fact that this segment of the market is street-smart and up-to-date with current affairs, brands and services. 

DDB appoints two female MD’s 09 September 2014

Is the appointment of two new female MD’s at DDB the beginning of a new trend in the local ad industry? Tsitsi Dhlamini and Louise Johnston have recently been promoted to joint MD’s of the agency.

Adhoc: Word of mouth marketing helps in the food business 08 September 2014

With scant warning my little Portuguese restaurant at the end of the road has closed its doors. All that remains is a skip outside the entrance with kitchen debris and a poorly spelt note on the window saying the busnis (sic) is closed. Truth be told the food wasn’t half bad - as if one can really go wrong with a peri-peri chicken and pastéis de nata which was served fresh on Saturday mornings with inky black coffee. The owners are crying high rental as an excuse and I’ll throw back at them poor launch marketing. 

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