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Brand learnings from the Soccer Laduma Supporters Club 27 March 2015

Brands and advertisers dream of having a built-in audience that voluntarily answers research questions and relates exactly what they want.  Thanks to a pioneering platform created by the South African weekly publication Soccer Laduma – known as the Supporters Club – this is no longer just an empty aspiration.

Smart bottle’ to drive customisable consumer experience 26 March 2015

Mobile technology is evolving at a breakneck pace, with continuous innovation and advancement. The annual global Mobile World Congress showcases the best of the sector, and the highlights of this year’s event earlier this month included the Johnnie Walker Blue Label ‘smart bottle’ developed by drinks brand Diageo in collaboration with Thinfilm.

Cautious ad spend expected from agencies 25 March 2015

Global advertising and marketing powerhouse WPP – which owns leading agencies such as Ireland/Davenport, Ogilvy & Mather and Y&R - has predicted cautious adspend by clients as a result of continuing levels of business uncertainty and an aversion to taking unnecessary risks.


I’m all for new marketing concepts and terminology. It makes flogging shaving cream and sweetcorn so much more interesting. So in order for brands to break though the cluttersphere (that’s not it, just wait will you) a new idea is gaining traction – called brandoperation. That’s the word you’ll want to jot down. It’s not a particularly new idea.

Don’t underestimate the importance of the CEO in brand reputation 23 March 2015

While it may seem obvious that a CEO’s reputation has an influence on the way in which consumers perceive a brand, what is less obvious is just how much influence the CEO exerts on the brand’s overall image. A new study, “The CEO Reputation Premium: Gaining Advantage in the Engagement Era”, undertaken by Weber Shandwick and KRC research, has revealed that almost half of a brand’s reputation (45%) is dependent on that of its CEO. 

Using social media to drive change 20 March 2015

Social media can be a powerful force for change. Earlier this week social media and technology company Popimedia launched the Like Change campaign in collaboration with Afrika Tikkun.

Roundtable shines the spotlight on branded content 19 March 2015

Smart marketers realise that traditional marketing is no longer sufficient. Enter the era of content marketing, advertising that blurs the line between traditional advertising and editorial content. In a nutshell, content marketing is the ability to tell good brand stories that engage, inform and entertain consumers and, in so doing, build the brand.

New measurement tool to improve OOH advertising in SA 18 March 2015

One of the biggest criticisms of out of home advertising in this country is the lack of independent research available. That’s now set to change with the establishment of the OOH Measurement Council (OMC), which was set up to improve professionalism and relevance through new measurement tools and research methodology.

Agencies address abuse 17 March 2015

In light of International Women’s Day recently a number of local and global agencies have focused on the issue of gender violence through innovative and straight-talking campaigns. 

Adhoc: the bubbles out of a soda water bottle 16 March 2015

Here’s a quick story about four Jeremy’s. The writer. Jeremy Clarkson (the villain), Jeremy Sampson (venerable sage of branding) and Jeremy Fisher,(the Beatrix Potter frog who lives in a "slippy-sloppy" house at the edge of a pond). Fisher, who likes to sit cross-legged on a lily-pad, is only in this story to add a further dimension of absurdity to an already absurd tale.

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