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Digital and traditional media go hand in hand 20 August 2014

Globally and locally digital media has experienced phenomenal growth in the past decade which has opened up a whole new media category for marketers to spend their ad budgets. However, the growth in digital media is by no means leaving traditional media out in the cold, argues Noeleen Bruton, Tsogo Sun marketing director.

Participate in our survey and win R5000! 20 August 2014

Last year TNS South Africa, on behalf of the Future Group and the Redzone,  conducted the first survey of marketing practitioners to find out the state of marketing in South Africa.  This year, we have designed a follow-up survey to look in more detail at the issue of ROI in marketing communications.  The good news is that the questionnaire is a lot shorter than last year so that it truly won’t take more than a few minutes to complete.  As with last year, the results will be presented at a function and will be summarised on the Redzone website. 

Why your business page has disappeared off Google’s front page 19 August 2014

The Internet can be a tricky maze to navigate, with seemingly endless access to information on any topic the mind can conjure up. It means that for your content to surface through the mire, it will need to be content that people want and need to know.

Breaking the cycle of hyper-inflation within media agencies 18 August 2014

Speak to most ad agencies these days and the scarcity of good skills – particularly amongst equity candidates – is a frequent lament. Media agencies have the same problem, finding that talent tends to get recycled with the inevitable result that hyper-inflation is driven amongst a small group of people.

Inbound marketing: a new marketing trend? 15 August 2014

We all appreciate the fact that consumers buy very differently today compared to a decade ago. As such marketing needs to be multi-channel and approach consumers in the channel where they want to interact with brands. Bridging the gap between sales and marketing and encompassing PR, SEO, social and sales, inbound marketing is about creating and sharing content with the world, as opposed to outbound marketing which uses more traditional methodologies such as email marketing and telesales. 

The power of community papers 14 August 2014

Community papers have long been seen as a particularly effective way of targeting readers. They are a popular source of information for consumers seeking specific products – but is the Internet, and the massive database of resources it offers, undermining this power?

Not the time to be playing it safe 13 August 2014

So much of the brand communication consumers see is bland, boring and uninspiring at the moment. And these aren’t the ads that are winning at creative awards. Are marketers and brand managers playing it too safe or have ad agencies lost their touch?

The case for Search Consultants 12 August 2014

The Redzone editor, Jeremy Maggs recently posed the question…. “Pitch consultants - are they a necessary evil?” (21 July 2014). John Little, Regional Managing Partner, Middle East & Africa for Roth Observatory International responds.

Adhoc: Fail me then and you’ll fail me forever 11 August 2014

It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on marketing and how big or exciting the brand promise is – what really counts is that moment the consumer has the product or service in their hands. 

The Future of Media & Advertising Conference-OOH 08 August 2014

The Out of Home (OOH) sector globally is a growing medium with spend forecasted to hit seven percent by 2015 but in spite of this, marketers and their advertising agencies have been slow to leverage off opportunities in this space, said Adelaide McKelvey, MD for Rest of Africa at Continental Outdoor Media, speaking at the recent Future of Media & Advertising conference.

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