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Brand loyalty 25 November 2014

Contrary to what many people believe about brand loyalty, a new IBM study points to the fact that brand loyalty is actually not on the decline. In fact, marketers who are looking to declining brand loyalty as a reason for poor sales performance need to look a little closer at how well they understand their markets. 

Adhoc: Join me and throw frozen turkey at the telly 24 November 2014

If you turn on your television at this time of the year there’s a good chance you’ll contract a mild case of dyspepsia as you’re assailed by tinsel-bedecked commercials featuring portly incarnations of Santa Claus exhorting you to spend money on stuff you don’t need.

Unilever drives philanthropy through youth market 21 November 2014

Recognising the growing importance of ensuring that consumers make social change a priority is providing brands with a number of valuable opportunities. Consumer goods giant Unilever is one brand capitalising on the corporate citizenship trend through the launch of a video series called Bright Future Speeches, which is an initiative to highlight young activist’s ideas on addressing food poverty.

e-cigarette advertising 20 November 2014

The advertising of cigarettes has long been regulated and, in most countries, banned entirely given the health risks associated with the practice. However, a recent landmark change in British regulations has seen the re-emergence of smoking advertising in the form of e-cigarette TV ads – a first in nearly 50 years in that country.

Reaching out to millennials through content marketing 19 November 2014

Millenials have become an increasingly important market, a fact which has not gone unnoticed by savvy marketers, particularly within the digital space. This is hardly surprising when you consider that this group of highly connected individuals have considerable spending power and spend a significant amount of time consuming digital media and checking their smart phones. With this in mind, content marketing has become a highly effective tool to use when communicating with this market. 

Sampson steps down 18 November 2014

Branding guru Jeremy Sampson has announced that he is stepping down from the helm of Interbrand Sampson de Villiers although he will continue to act in an advisory capacity to the company he founded in 1973 as Jeremy Sampson Associates.

Sustainable Brands Conference 2014 17 November 2014

A key message from the Sustainable Brands conference hosted earlier this month in London is that brands are increasingly placing environmental considerations at the centre of their business decisions and using this awareness to influence consumers. 

Differentiating beer brands in a crowded market 14 November 2014

The beer market is a warzone, with industry players constantly evolving and innovating in order to win over increasingly discerning consumers. Even the most established brands are challenged to differentiate themselves, reveals Hansa Pilsener’s newly appointed general manager Sarvesh Seetaram.

Recycling in the OOH space 13 November 2014

Whilst most motorists won’t spare a thought to what happens to the billboards they pass each day once they’ve been pulled down, fortunately there are some clever marketers who have found a use for these otherwise toxic vinyl banners that are difficult to recycle, but extremely detrimental to the environment. 

SA fast food industry continues to show growth 12 November 2014

In an earnings report that yielded less than stellar results, McDonalds showed the largest drop in quarterly profits that the company has experienced for many years. CEO Don Thompson has clearly read the danger signs, acknowledging that there is a dire need for change within the brand.

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