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The strategies behind five leading brands 01 September 2014

Five leading brands – Discovery Health, Clover, Johnnie Walker, Coca-Cola and Standard Bank – opened the inaugural Top Brands 2014 Conference brought to you by Sunday Times, discussing why their strategy works; the risks and opportunities in their operating environment; how they craft their key messaging and how they sustain their brand.

Participate in our survey and win R5000! 25 August 2014

Last year TNS South Africa, on behalf of the Future Group and the Redzone,  conducted the first survey of marketing practitioners to find out the state of marketing in South Africa.  This year, we have designed a follow-up survey to look in more detail at the issue of ROI in marketing communications.  The good news is that the questionnaire is a lot shorter than last year so that it truly won’t take more than a few minutes to complete.  As with last year, the results will be presented at a function and will be summarised on the Redzone website. 

Sunday Times Top Brands Awards 29 August 2014

The 2014 Sunday Times Top Brands Awards were held today in Sandton. Now in their 16th year, the awards are held in honour of brands in the B2B and B2C sector which are recognised by consumers as being the best in their category according to a nation-wide survey. 

Social media metrics 28 August 2014

As marketers redirect budget and resources into social media campaigns, the big question is whether it works.

According to Instagram is now offering a new three-pronged dashboard, the first suite of real-time, self-serve tools for marketers to manage their Instagram accounts and understand the impact of their campaigns.

Actuate conceptualises winning internal marketing campaign for Wesbank 27 August 2014

Earlier this month Africa’s largest kinetic sculpture – called ‘The Creavator’ - was officially launched at the Wesbank head office in Fairlands, Johannesburg. The sculpture – which weighs in at over two tonnes and stands 12 metres tall – is part of an employee engagement programme designed by internal marketing and communications agency Actuate to leverage the organisational culture to achieve and track a number of ambitious long term objectives for Wesbank.

Content marketing and what it means to businesses and customers 26 August 2014

It’s no longer an over-exaggeration to say we live in a content-saturated world. Wherever we turn there is a brand trying to communicate with us through billboards, print ads, electronic banners, mobile marketing and social media - all vying for our attention in an increasingly cluttered world.

Changing behaviour by design 25 August 2014

Design is at heart about problem solving and finding better solutions. Done correctly it can be a strategic tool to change perception, behaviour and business fortunes, according to a recent report published by Yellowwood. However, it’s largely an under-appreciated discipline which is seldom given the respect it deserves. The impact of design mistakes can be enormous with the results of poorly thought-through, badly researched design catastrophic for a brand.

RAB Radio Works Conference 2014 22 August 2014

Speaking at the RAB Radio Works 2014 conference this week, RAB UK’s Michael Tull said that according to recent research conducted by the RAB in the UK, most advertisers are missing out on opportunities by their failure to invest sufficiently in radio.

Seismic shifts for the industry 21 August 2014

Gordon Cook, the co-founder of the Vega School of Brand Leadership , has announced his retirement from the school. The Redzone asked him for his take on the state of the brand communication industry.

Digital and traditional media go hand in hand 20 August 2014

Globally and locally digital media has experienced phenomenal growth in the past decade which has opened up a whole new media category for marketers to spend their ad budgets. However, the growth in digital media is by no means leaving traditional media out in the cold, argues Noeleen Bruton, Tsogo Sun marketing director.

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