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Can brands save the world? By Mike Abel, CEO M&C Saatchi Abel 23 October 2014

A cockroach has made its way into man’s DNA. The challenge is how to extract it.  This is the year that the silent majority finally lost their voice, while the trolls, haters, killers and liars successfully discovered theirs.

New shopper marketing player launched 22 October 2014

Shopper marketing is still a relatively new discipline within the local marketing landscape but following international trends – particularly in the US where shopper marketing is already well-established - it is expected to grow in prominence over the next few years as brands fight to grow their market share.

Digital more vital than ever 21 October 2014

Digital has been the game-changer in the brand marketing arena for several years, but its importance continues to grow as both marketers and agencies gain a deeper understanding of the capabilities the genre can bring to their offerings and increasingly develop their own digital platforms to add value to products and services for clients.

Examining brand marketing’s future 20 October 2014

Brand marketing’s role – not just within the industry, but in a wider societal sense – will come under the spotlight at a discussion hosted by the Brand Council of South Africa (BCSA) at the Gordon Institute of Business Science on 28 October, as part of Brand Week.

Marketing in the connected age 17 October 2014

Technology in modern-day life is ubiquitous, and the challenge for brands and marketers is to keep up with trends in the field in order to optimise engagement with consumers and fit in with their increasingly connected lives.

Targeting the South African millennial 16 October 2014

Millennials are increasingly the target audience of marketers, and with nearly two billion worldwide comprising almost 30% of the population – according to research conducted by Deloitte – it is little surprise that brands are adapting in order to meet the needs of this consumer.

The economics of branding 15 October 2014

The law of supply and demand has long been understood and is a recurring theme in the early chapters of most economics handbooks. There are two value equations: a supplier who sees value as a price-quantity factor or ‘what I value is to sell as many as I can for as much as I can’; and a consumer who views value as a price-quantity ratio or ‘what I value is to get more for less’.

Apple, Google remain top global brands 14 October 2014

For the first time in the 15 years that Interbrand has hosted its Best Global Brands report, two brands have earned in excess of $100 billion in brand value - Apple and Google also retained their positions at the top of the list for the second consecutive year.

Adhoc: An enticing game of coercion 13 October 2014

There was a time when the final interface between brand and consumer at the store-shelf was of little importance to brand agencies. Then someone realised a final crack at the customer before the hand reached out wasn’t a bad thing, and a discipline called shopper marketing was born. And aren’t the proponents just the arch manipulators?

Five social media myths busted 10 October 2014

Since the rise and unprecedented growth of the digital age, social media has come to occupy a vital role in the brand/consumer interaction space and consequently, there has been an explosion of social media experts and digital specialists to advise companies on how best to address the phenomenon.

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