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Over the line and off we go 15 December 2014

AND like the proverbial oasis cartoon where a thirsty character crawls to the water’s edge – that’s how we come to the end of our copy- year on the Redzone. It’s been one of the toughest media years on record and next year looks pretty much the same.

Broadening the appeal of beer 15 December 2014

The challenge for newly appointed SAB Marketing Director, Andrea Quaye, is to broaden beer’s appeal at a time when both local and global competition has reached a new high.

Pizza Hut introduces a new subconscious menu that thinks for you 12 December 2014

It seems there’s little these days that cannot be achieved through technology. Take Pizza Hut’s new ‘Subconscious Menu’, launched recently in the UK. The menu uses eye tracking technology to figure out which toppings customers want on their pizzas, even when they aren’t sure themselves. 

The rise of brand journalism 11 December 2014

Content is king. Successful brands these days are characterised by fresh and relevant content aimed at the discerning consumer, and this is why so many brands are taking storytelling and the publishing of this content into their own hands.

Sports sponsorship still viable 10 December 2014

The sport sponsorship landscape is shifting in numerous ways, but savvy brands are adapting to the changes to capitalise on the marketing opportunities.

Where technology and media intersect 09 December 2014

Innovation in the digital landscape has led to rapid change in the media industry, and will continue to do so moving forward – Google, for instance, is already nearly half the size of all global TV advertising. This insight was provided by Business Insider co-founder, CEO and editor Henry Blodget at the magazine’s fifth flagship annual conference, Ignition: Future of Digital, hosted in New York City last week.

The year of the Orwellian jellyfish (Who does not bank with FNB) 08 December 2014

Mark this time carefully – it’s the day advertising in South Africa lost its mind and its spine. In a decision that takes nanny-statism to new level of absurdism, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ordered First National Bank to withdraw its clever 'Steve' campaign as it is harmful to children.

Savvy spenders on the rise 05 December 2014

Consumers are becoming savvier and more discerning about how and what they are spending their hard-earned money on this festive season according to research carried out by Deloitte in their 2014 Year-end Holiday Survey – the results of which were released this week.

Corporate citizenship essential for brands 04 December 2014

In an age where it’s simply no longer enough for brands to provide their consumers with a product or service, sustainability  - or more accurately, becoming a good corporate citizen - is the way to go on a multitude of levels, from driving profit to attracting top employees. 

Opportunities for brands in Africa 03 December 2014

Africa is now officially the second fastest growing region behind Asia with an economy which is growing at double the rate of advanced economies, according to the latest Deloitte Consumer Review, Africa – a 21st Century View. 

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