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TMT predictions for 2015 29 May 2015

Deloitte revealed their annual 2015 TMT (Technology, Media & Telecommunications) predictions in Johannesburg yesterday. The report analyses the key market developments over the next 12 – 18 months.

The power and potential of email marketing 28 May 2015

In ground-breaking consumer research that is the first of its kind in South Africa, email, mobile and social marketing firm Everlytic conducted an analysis on one billion emails sent and user responses in order to compile a report on the effectiveness of email marketing.

The impact of ad blocking software 27 May 2015

The advent of ad blocking software was hailed as a boon for consumers and a hindrance to brands advertising on websites – and with the recent landmark victory of software creator AdBlock Plus over German news publishing sites, it seems set to continue sweeping the internet. The judgement has far-reaching implications for brands, particularly in terms of generating revenue from video advertising.

SA student spending on the rise 26 May 2015

Students in SA spend more than the average South African consumer, according to Student Village’s 2015 Student Spend Survey. The annual report reflects an average 7.95% growth in student spending over the past four years. 

Adhoc piece: Infernal impactful ideation, disrupted 25 May 2015

It’s fair to say that all industries are driven by their own annoyingly peculiar jargon. Read an article about the financial services industry and those less versed in the sector may be flummoxed by Fica. In the mining industry, our eyes glaze over when we hear of an exciting new multipurpose agglomeration process.

AdForum focuses on telecoms advertising 22 May 2015

An evaluation of some of the most recent ads in the telecommunications sector was the focus of the second Redzone AdForum of the year. In association with Ornico, Jeremy Maggs and a panel of no-holds barred critics gave their opinion on the current crop of telecom ads. 

The art of sustainability in the auto industry 21 May 2015

Environmental sustainability is an issue for just about every industry, including the automotive industry. One auto brand that has been focusing rather intently on its commitment to green values is Ford. As a result the company has been included in Ethisphere’s World’s Most Ethical Companies for the last six consecutive years and continues to look towards improving their green credentials.

Adhoc piece: Take surveys with more than a pinch of salt 20 May 2015

Apart from Ed Miliband’s awkward mastication of a bacon sandwich, which no doubt will inspire a ribald advertising campaign of some sort, the UK election raised a far more important issue - the veracity of believable market research.

The role of online and performance marketing in e-commerce 19 May 2015

Online ventures need to adapt how they drive and convert traffic by employing more effective strategies, says Daniel Gross, CEO of specialist performance marketing network, AdMarula.

Branding is customer experience 18 May 2015

Offering consumers a unified and satisfying experience is the foundation of effective branding, and the recently announced strategic partnership between Adobe and Microsoft aims to improve their brand offering by providing an experience that takes all customer engagements into account, according to a recent article on

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