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SPOTS GET LOST 14 April 2014

Well over a quarter of listeners to radio in South Africa switch away from their station due to an advertising overload. A salutary observation for those marketers who use the medium as a principle brand builder. 

On Air Radio Conference 11 April 2014

The inaugural On Air Radio Conference took place earlier today at the Michaelangelo Hotel in Sandton and touched on a number of issues relevant to the radio industry. Speakers included a line-up of the radio industry’s most notable experts and commentators including Omar Essack (Kagiso Broadcasting); independent consultant Gordon Patterson; Simon Parkinson from Primedia Broadcasting; Robin Prior from RCS Africa, John Culverwell (Sonovision Studios); Aubrey Malden (Forensic Marketing);  Rob McClennan (King James II), Matona Sakupwanya (RAB); Neil Johnson (Kaya FM); Gordon Muller (GSM Quadrant); and Fran Luckin (Quirk Jozi).

The true value of PR 10 April 2014

The Public Relations Society of America argues that PR is more than managing the flow of information between an organisation and its publics. Instead, it’s a communications discipline that engages and informs key audiences, builds important relationships and brings vital information back into an organisation for analysis and action. It has real, measurable impact on the achievement of strategic organizational goals.

Students spend more than the average SA consumer 09 April 2014

South African students spend more per annum than the average South African. Far from being a penniless bunch, students have a potential spend of R41.1 billion per annum which equates to R3768 per month (an increase on 2013 results which revealed a monthly spend of R3510), according to Student Village’s 2014 SA Student Spend Report.  


Public relations has become a key tool in brand development. Of that there is no doubt. The new buzz words are branded-content and brand journalism. Any brand not playing in this space and failing to generate useful material is quite frankly an also ran. 

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