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How digital will evolve 29 January 2015

Digital will continue to be an ubiquitous phenomenon for brands and consumers alike as developments and opportunities in the field flourish and marketers invest in it as a communication tool. Quoting an article written by Beverly Macy for, digital strategist for The MediaShop Dylan Robberts identifies five digital trends that will shape the media landscape in the next year. 

Five things marketers need to know this year 28 January 2015

The start of each year is filled with important trends that brands and marketers need to get to grips with in order to drive deeper engagement with consumers, and 2015 is no different. This year, writes Marketing Week’s Mindi Chahal, marketers will need to take into account everyday feminism, dark social, post-demographic consumerism, rejection of established industries and personalised pricing.

Does Pinterest have any value to marketers? 27 January 2015

Social media has long been recognised as an effective marketing tool with widespread opportunities for brands to engage more deeply with their customers. One player that has remained on the bench in this regard is Pinterest, but a study carried out by global market research firm Forrester recognises the potential of the platform.

Consider event drones and no more soggy sandwiches 26 January 2015

Let’s face it, the average corporate event we’re forced to attend is inevitably one step away from the gates of Hades. Dull presentations, duller presenters, poor facilitation, awkward photographs and soggy sandwiches during an interminably long tea break.

Testing consumer commitment aids engagement 23 January 2015

Ranking consumer commitment is a popular tool among marketers to engage more deeply with customers. According to consumer insights company Pondering Panda, there are three core questions that every brand needs to ask in order to strengthen its market base. Answers to these questions – who uses your brand and how committed are they to it; who doesn’t use your brand and how open they are to using it; and who to target to grow your market share – make it easier for brands to identify and build levels of consumer commitment.

10 big opportunities for brands 22 January 2015

Innovation is likely to remain a catchphrase for brands for the foreseeable future, and the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES), an internationally renowned electronics and technology trade show held annually each January in Las Vegas, USA, indicated that of the three most common types of innovative products - technology-driven, needs-driven and vision-driven - tech-driven pioneering is most likely to contribute to growth moving forward, according to The site compiled a list of the 10 biggest opportunities for brands going forward from a tech point of view as revealed at CES:

Would Maslow have included Wi-Fi into his Hierarchy of needs? By Carryl Harvey, General Manager Amorphous New Media 21 January 2015

Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs is a theory in psychology which ranks the importance of human needs and wants. My question is … surely in this day and age, Wi-Fi, as an enabler, is just as important as belonging and self-actualisation?

Sponsorship: the intersection of fans and brands 21 January 2015

Sports sponsorship is more than just brand marketing. For successful sport and entertainment sponsorship consultancies, brand engagement is a key driver with fans at the core of the company’s offering. Industry trends reflect that the need to reach and engage with consumers through digital channels lies at the heart of success.

Expect big shifts in TMT sector, says Deloitte report 20 January 2015

The technology, media and telecommunications industries are rapidly evolving, and it can be difficult to predict major trends as they change so quickly. However, the Deloitte 2015 edition of predictions for the three sectors identifies drivers behind milestones, as well as explanations for slow growth and an examination of critical sub-trends.

Online marketing trends likely to dominate this year 19 January 2015

Mobile optimisation is set to become even more important this year, states online marketing expert, Jayson DeMers. Writing in Forbes, he says 2015 is the year that mobile strategies move beyond simply having a responsive site or mobile app, and focus on mobile-optimized content and social media marketing as well.

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