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Are you doing your part to mentor the next generation of marketing leaders? 25 July 2014

The dearth of good marketing communication skills has long been lamented in this country but the reality is that very few corporates are doing enough to generate meaningful work experiences for students coming through the system. 

Chinese meat scandal a blow to brands like KFC 24 July 2014

A new meat supply scandal has seen a number of fast food chains in China embroiled in a public relations disaster along with Japan's Yoshinoya, 7-Eleven and even a local sacrificial lamb, China's Dico's chain, reports

Marketing Communication textbook update published 23 July 2014

The fourth edition of the highly respected Marketing Communication – An Integrated Approach textbook was launched recently by Dr Ludi Koekemoer, chief executive officer of the AAA School of Advertising. The book, which was co-authored by topic experts including Steve Bird (direct marketing expert), Ryan Sauer (digital expert), Mortimer Harvey (shopper marketing expert), Minette Koekemoer (consumer insights expert), Professor Mike Cant (marketing author expert) and Andrea Crystal (alternative media channels expert), provides a relevant and contextual view of marketing communication. The book’s foreword is written by industry stalwart Nkwenkwe Nkomo and includes numerous practical examples, tips and checklists. The use of relevant South African examples ensures the book is both pertinent and informative for marketers and students of marketing alike.

Malaysia Airlines: a brand in serious crisis 22 July 2014

Earlier this year Redzone reported on how Malaysia Airlines handled the crisis communication surrounding the disappearance of Flight MH370.

Adhoc: Pitch consultants-are they a necessary evil? 21 July 2014

Next week a coterie of top ad agencies will be pitching for one of the biggest pieces of the country’s advertising pie – the brand or the agencies are not relevant to the debate, but the mechanics of choice are. The process will probably be led and facilitated by group of people called pitch consultants – ostensibly a neutral broker who acts in the best interests of both the client and the competing agencies to make sure the match is seamless and ultimately benefits both the brand and the agency in the long term.

Boom times 18 July 2014

There was a time when creativity was a key criterion when it came to assessing the success of a marketing campaign. With current economic conditions placing pressure on Rands, that’s changed; marketers now want to see results.

Marketing to SA’s Savvy Youth 17 July 2014

Marketing to South Africa’s increasingly savvy youth market is not as simple as it seems. Not only do today’s youth speak a multitude of languages, but they are also part of a variety of cultures and sub-cultures and have the ability to spot a hard-sell a mile away. So how does one capture their attention and keep it? Kay Cheytanov, MD of experiential youth marketing company, 3RC, shares her thoughts.

Times Media acquires the Future Group 17 July 2014

Times Media Ltd (TMG) has announced the acquisition of the Future Group, a leading publishing and services company with ownership of numerous high profile events in South Africa. 

The balanced perspective of turning a crisis into an opportunity 16 July 2014

A company that weathers a crisis well, understands that adversity is a concealed opportunity for growth or change. Every organisation is vulnerable to a crisis which means it’s important to prepare for it, try to prevent it but if a crisis does occur, be able to handle it properly.  

Building irresistible brands 15 July 2014

The world has many popular brands but only a select few have the magnetic power of irresistibility. TNS Global has now revealed what it takes to become an irresistible brand – and why it is so important to do so.

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